Pursuing new ventures with MySQL

The acquisition of MySQL by Sun Microsystems has caused a certain amount of news in 2008 from the Initial announcement at the MySQL ACM, to the completion in just 6 weeks. It has been a very quick transition and while there is the potential for further opportunities with Sun as an employee within the MySQL product line and possibly other areas, I have elected to pursue my professional goals elsewhere.

My leaving MySQL Inc has been met with comments from “Woot!”, “Congratulations”, “Good Luck”, ‘That’s terrible”, “Are you sure”, “I’m shocked, but I don’t blame you” and attempts from multiple people to reconsider and reverse my decision. I was pleased to know that it took no time from my first contacting colleagues and friends within MySQL before the community knew via the grape vine, even before my attempts to contact people.

The most interesting comment was “That’s terrible news”, to which my response was, “Well, not for me”. My best compliment has been “You are a such a great team player and MySQL aficionado.”. I actually had to look aficionado up, which means “an ardent devotee; fan, enthusiast.” I am very proud that my commitment to the MySQL Product, and MySQL Community and while at MySQL Inc/Sun has been noted, if only a small footnote in the success of the company.

There are a number of reasons why I’m moving on, which I’ll not be detailing here. In summary however, first, I have already set my career goals for Ronald Bradford 2008 and this includes the type of work I’m wanting to pursue, the money, and an increase in writing, presenting and speaking on topics in MySQL and other technologies and interests. In particular, I’m working (slowly til now) on consolidating my online presence into an online identity at www.ronaldbradford.com. The second and deciding factor was as a result of the acquisition and transition period. The issues of, the offer and requirements to transfer to Sun played an important part in my decision, being disappointed and unhappy across various things in this process.

At this time I can say that I’ll be leaving the US by the end of March as part of my US visa requirement. I will however not be leaving the MySQL Community, in fact one of my goals is to be able to contribute to the MySQL Community more, as I did prior to joining MySQL Inc in 2006 and I’m finalizing details with a prominent European Open Source company, and I expect to have some news here soon when details can become confirmed. For my friends and colleagues attending the MySQL Conference in just 4 weeks time, I’ll be there, so this will a perfect chance to catch me while I’m in the US.

I am sorry to leave MySQL. I have made many close friends here, and indeed it’s the people that helps make a company and among my peers I have great respect. There is a unique spirit working with an open source company and as I had ties to MySQL prior to joining the company, I’m confident these will continue and grow as my involvement with MySQL continues, just differently and more in line with what I want to do.

Those of you that know me personally, any recommendations via my Linked In Profile at this time is most appreciated.