I’ve recently completed a contract and I’ve been in discussions with agents and other employers for further work. Having had one of the worse experiences in my previous work, I’ve been extra careful to ensure what I’m told at the interview/meeting stage is indeed true and accurate (in my last case it was not). I’ve also not made the assumption that an organisation that is dependent on software has placed a certain level of value on what’s in place. (in my last case I did, simply due to the size of the organisation and volume of business).

So, when being asked by people what I’m seeking, outside of the technical skills and compendencies, I’m seeking an organisation that places value on it’s existing software, it’s software quality, it’s software improvement and most importantly it’s software developers. It was unfortunate that for an organisation that lived in software, and would not survive long (especially at the present scale of operations) without it, they met none of these criteria. It was really sad, and overall I found the environment “depressing”.

Now “depressing” could be considered a harsh word, but it comes from both my ethos and also present circumstances in life. I had these two post-it notes on my wall at work, which summed up “What I was seeking/Where I wanted to be”, and “Where I was” in my job.

There have been a few articles recently, it was probably Marcus in Supporting ideas and being productive, based on earlier articles of How to Come Up With Ideas and How To Kill Good Ideas by Zack that motivated me to publish this. These articles have many good points, and while I could put my slant on it, I wanted to focus on just one thing.

In Software Development 10 years ago I was driven, now I know and I’m driven by passion. I always strive for something better then their presently is, seeking better quality, and better productivity, and most importantly today, simplicity.

Everybody is at a different position in life and it’s important to find the right fit. For me money is not a motivator, being productive, making what I’m doing better, where I’m working more enjoyable and productive, and who I’m working with a better place to be are important to me.

I’ve choose the word for the moment to best represent this as PRIDE.

Pride is:

  • A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self-respect
  • Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association
  • A cause or source of pleasure or satisfaction; the best of a group or class
  • The most successful or thriving condition
  • To indulge (oneself) in a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction

For me, I’m seeking an organisation that takes pride in it’s people, it’s products and it’s future direction, and that attracts people that have pride in what they do, they way they think and how they interact with others.


  1. Xaprb says

    I hope you find that place. If you were in the United States you might like working where I work now! Those qualities you’re looking for are exactly what drew me to this job.

    Maybe we will meet someday! In the meantime best of luck to you.