Priceless Monty

While working with Monty Widenius on a bug I reported in MariaDB I was surprised to not get an IRC response for a few minutes. When committed Monty can identify, create a workaround, and patch a problem in code before you have time to read all the responses he also types. See my Monty’s Monument “Passion is a timeless wisdom” comment. One thing I forgot to say in that entry was, while 9pm in New york, it was at last 3am-5am Monty time.

We all love memorable quotes, so here is one.

“sorry, machine died; First time in years”

[9:40pm] montywi: then just try compiling mysqld.o, no need to wait for everything else...
[9:58pm] rbradfor: make is clean.
[9:59pm] montywi: sorry, machine died;  First time in years
[10:00pm] rbradfor: laughs out load, a priceless monty quote, love it.