Plane Spotting without leaving your desk

I’ve heard of people that go plane spotting. Watching different planes that come into airports.

I’m lazy, while checking out my home with Wikimapia look what I spotted Here. (Offline image: View)

So for all those plane spotters. What is it? My guess would be an Boeing 737, probably a 737-800.

Speaking of Plane Spotting, I’ve been meaning of putting up my photos of the recent Asian Air Show in Singapore and my up close and personal photos of the Airbus A380.

Arrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve tried to retrieve my photos from DVD and I’m getting an cp: reading `/media/photos2006/photos/2006/2006_02_23_AirShow/IMG_5939.JPG': Input/output error Error.

Well so much for those photos of Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia from earlier in the year.
That’s gotta ruin your Sunday.

PS: How did I know what plane it was. Hint: the color gives it away.

PPS: Updated Jan 12 2007. Interesting that the present live view no longer has the plane. My Offline View has it. Good to know that this little area of Brisbane has been updated on Google Maps.


  1. cam says

    an ‘AIRBUS’ 737
    airbus doesnt make 737’s they have a319,a320,a321,a330,a340 and soon to be a350 and a380
    boeing on the other hand hes 707,717,727,737,747,767, and soon 787