NY Tech Meetup – Idea Virus

On more thing that came from the NY Tech Meetup last night was the Idea Virus. It was handed out on a piece of paper. Here is what it said.

Idea Virus

  1. Think of a novel or awesome idea
  2. Write it on the back of your business card
  3. Spread the viral idea to somebody else
  4. Duplicate and re-propagate ideas that you like

When you go home, leave your accumulated ideas in the Halloween bucket. Check out idea-virus.org to see the results.

So I goto the site, and all I get is a Not quite ready yet… message page. They should have a least put up what I just typed out, and maybe some more “Coming Soon”, or submit to a email or something. 15 mins of work, rather then 2 mins of work would not leave people like me going “Well why bother!”