MySQL Winter of Code

Our first session in Day 2 of the MySQL Camp was the MySQL Winter of Code, as well as an overview of the QA Pilot program and Overview of the Community Doxygen Project by Kaj Arnö and Jay Pipes.

Starting with discussions on Code Contributions & MySQL Winter of Code

Quality Contributer Program

  • More coding happens during wintertime then in summer
  • MySQL has less contributions than many other Open Source projects
  • Contributor License Agreement
    • We want to award contribution more then nominally
    • We want to encourage contributions in all areas
    • We prefer contributions in certain areas (especially encourage them)

Requirements for Winter of Code

  • A signed Contributor License Agreement
  • A well-formed proposal
  • Votes from the Community and/or MySQL

Topics for Winter of Code 2007

  • Connectors
    • Improvements in (pure drivers for) Perl, Apache APR, Python, Ruby
  • Storage Engines
    • File System Storage Engine
      • select directory,filename,size from files where size > 1000000;
      • select directory,sum(size) from files group by directory;
    • JPG/EXIF Storage Engine
      • update jpgfiles SET Author = ‘name';
  • Anything
    • Full Text Search for CJK
    • MySQL GIS improvements
    • Your Idea

Which versions does it go to?

  • MySQL 5.1 Community Server
  • MySQL 5.2 Enterprise Server

MySQL Quality Contributor Program

  • Searching for Quality Contributors
    • Bug Reports
    • Test Cases
    • Bug Patches
  • Defining a Quality Contributor
  • Encouraging Quality Contributors
    • Fixing Bugs
    • Responsiveness and feedback
    • Recognition and attribution
    • Privileges/Awards