MySQL Quotes

Frank was on a role with MySQL quotes (it’s 1am here in New York – All that Red Bull & Vodka). Here are some of them:

Let me scale you!

Wanna scale.

Scale me Baby!

Backup Now!

MySQL – DBA Friendly.

MySQL – Use the Attitude.

MySQL. Be Bold!

MySQL. Look Again

MySQL – Coming to a website near you.

One small step for Data, one giant leap for DBA.

Data, we are serious about it.

My Job, My Passion. MySQL.

MySQL. Never Doubt.

MySQL. Scaling made Easy.

MySQL. Scaling all you want.

Got MySQL!

Do it with MySQL.

Scale Yourself.

MySQL or die.

I’ve also done some of my own shirts designs (see small images below), a number I already have on shirts (you can check them out on me at MySQL Camp).

Some other references include MySQL forge Merchandise and Arjen’s suggestions.