MySQL Predictions for 2007

I’m interested to know what people consider will behold MySQL in 2007?

The announcement of “You” as Time person of the year can only considered a huge boost to the opportunities in 2007. So, in 2007 here are my 7 (in no significant order).

  1. 2007 will be the year of the storage engine. We will see 5 offerings for transactional storage engines, 20+ available and practical engines for management of some form of data.
  2. 2007 will see MySQL 5.1 GA (finally).
  3. 2007 will see MySQL release it’s own Falcon Storage Engine (GA not until Q4 :-().
  4. The MySQL Winter of Code will enable the contributions of the community to change feature development. I foresee a Bounty system from an external party or parties for MySQL Features emerging.
  5. MySQL will make major press inroads to the RDBMS Big 3 of Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2.
  6. Despite efforts of MySQL AB, major installations of MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 including large ISP’s will hamper the uptake of 5.0 and 5.1 and the de-commissioning of 4.x
  7. A major country government will make an announcement to move to Open Source across servers and desktops, and MySQL will contribute to being an enterprise database offering in systems replacements as part of a longer term strategy.


  1. says

    Ya I hope 5.1 GA does come up really fast and stable in 2007.
    Plus I want to see Multi-master replication set rather than 20 different engines.