MySQL Keynote at Oracle Open World 2016

Tomas Ulin made a number of key announcements at this year’s State of the Dolphin and Customer Experiences keynote. MySQL Public Cloud, MySQL 8.0 DMR, MySQL InnoDB Cluster, MySQL Group Replication (RC). Some tweets and points of the keynote:

There were also user stories by Nicolai Plum – Senior Systems Architect at and Andrew Archibald – VP of Development at Churchill Downs.

Nicolai talked about how booking has evolved over the years starting with the traditional MySQL replication model, moving to a more complex sharded and partitioned architecture, and now a re-architecture towards a loosely coupled, write optimized and read optimized data model leveraging Redis queues. This work has enabled services to hide the complexity and need for developers to write SQL and leverage better data translation and interoperability, e.g. MySQL to Hadoop to MySQL. is actively using MySQL 5.7, and is evaluating how to incorporate the new features of MySQL 8.0.

Andrew talked about how uses a multi data center master-master replication setup with MySQL 5.6 to manage critical availability needs for online wagering of horse races around the world. During peak times, load can increase 100x, similar to my own experiences handling 100x flash sales Improving performance – A full stack problem.

I have yet to discover how to deep link to this presentation at the OOW 2016 agenda to enable viewers to read the overview and speaker profiles.