MySQL involvement in OSCON opening keynote

Before I get to post my OSCON reflection I see I didn’t post this (which I reference).

At OSCON opening keynotes Tim O’Reilly Interviews Monty Widenius & Brian Aker. This provided some interesting answers in a Q & A session. Here is some of the discussion.

TO: So 6 months in. How is it with Sun?
BA: Really rewarding environment. My first question was? You are going to send me free H/W. No H/W has been delivered yet, or access to the masses, still hoping. Sun is a very engineering driven company.
MW. Thanks God we didn’t go public. Starting to do closed sourced components, going public this would have continued.

TO: Sun saved MySQL from public market/ insulated from market.
MW: 6 months in, Sun still trying to figure out what they bought. Sun has made a commitment to open source throughout the organization. Engineers who have been working in closed environments, now seeing this all in public, and opens yourself up to more inputs and exposure.

TO: You have your own projects within sun, how does that affect with the main line of development of MySQL, Monty you with the Maria Storage Engine, Brian you with Drizzle.

TO: What is the Support like in Sun?
BA: My boss got it. We are looking at going after different market area, niche and ecosystem. There is certain direction the main codebase is heading such as enterprise features, oracle like replacements. There is a core set of environments what they aren’t needed. Additional new requirements like a proximity data storage, historically Postgres has been good for this type of GIS data. This is a new type of data store. location/time and proximity of objects.
Sun has given us more free hands to work for best features of MySQL. For Drizzle, to strip it down into more components architecture and extensibility. It’s a micro-kernel there will be an interface for large parts of the code.

TO: What do you think about Google?
BA: Happy opening up more of their data, and trying to turn the world into their own 20% of time project.

TO: What do you think about Amazon?
BA: Interesting position, secretive company. At the beginning how little anybody though of Amazon in a service marketplace.

TO : What do you think about Microsoft?
MW: less and less things are good.
BA: Irrelevant.

TO: What do you think about Apple?
NW: More afraid of Apple then Microsoft
BA: Really want an iPhone, but hoping Google will get Android out and it works.

TO: What are the cool things MySQL can do on the Sun field, and reverse?
BA: Both Sun and MySQL Engineers thought about open source differently. MySQL has created a set of steps of evolution, e.g. employees contributing to open source projects. MySQL’s DNA was very small, it’s interesting how fast this is influencing Sun’s approach
MW: MySQL has become to management driven in previous years, Sun has enabled us to get back to our roots.