MySQL Forge

I was reading Zack Urlocker’s MySQL Workbench Beta article and was keen to look at the Extensible architecture. Not much detail yet in the Figure Stylesheets, Scripts and Plugins, which will be good when it’s there, however it lead me to another secret.

The MySQL Forge. This was mentioned at the Brisbane MySQL Users Group Meeting with Brian Aker in January. There isn’t much content at present, but there is a Call for Content.

I don’t recall anybody blogging about it, or maybe I just missed it. Giuseppe Maxia should get his MySQL General Purpose Stored Routines Library up there. On that thought, I’ve been looking for a post several months ago, about a UDF that wrote to the system log /var/log/messages. Does anybody remember this?


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    Hmmm, looks like you let the cat out of the bag :)

    I was trying to hold it a secret for a little while longer until I implement the voting system and some other bug fixes, but oh well ;)

    Add projects and code snippets! Many many projects! The more information in there, the better, and oh, don’t forget to shoot me an email with suggestions for the forge!


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