MySQL Conference – Rewarding the Community

At MySQL Conference 2007, CEO MÃ¥rten Mickos in his opening keynote Welcome and State of MySQL AB rewarded the community. Those that contributed to “The best database in the world”.

2007 MySQL Applications of the Year
#1 in Online Video
#1 in 3G Mobile Entertainment
#1 in Creative Software

And the Winners- YouTube, Amp’d mobile, and Adobe

2007 MySQL Partners of the Year
#1 reseller of MySQL Enterprise to govt
#1 in MySQL Enterprise integration
#1 in Open Source

And the Winners – Carasoft, HP, and RedHat

2007 Community Members of the Year
Quality Contributor
Community Code Contributor
Community Advocate

And the Winners

Martin Freibe
Paul McCullagh
Sheeri Kritzer


  1. Batia Kramer says

    Cheers to the community advocate! Well deserved for all your time and effort. You always put 200% of yourself in something you believe in. Glad you found that something.