MySQL Camp – Introductions & Comments

The great thing about this unconference, is the lack of total formal structure. For now , our first session we are having an open introduction of people, there are at good 60+ people here already, and people rolling in, and it’s great to hear people’s background, and also to bag Jeremy Cole at every opportunity. We have a variety of people from various backgrounds, companies and experience levels.

We are in the Kiev room, with power build into the desks, lots of desk space and full 360% swivel chairs. This is just another example of the company’s clear thinking about it’s requirements.

There have already been some very funny stories, I should have made more earlier notes. Here are some.

Adam Ritter (Proven Scaling ride winner) was the first to bag Oracle, really bold move with Ken Jacobs from Oracle directly behind him, and he had already made his introduction.

Paul Tuckfield of You Tube guys said to Jeremy Cole re his replication talk “I want to make it, but we have already met before.” There have been about 10 bags of Jeremy already, he is giving as good as he is getting. Proven Scaling are sponsoring Beer session tomorrow night. Great stuff Jeremy. He did also ask how many people were planning on coming, given the number of people at the MySQL Camp has tripled in the past few days.

Breaking news. Mark Callaghan from Google, “Is there anybody from You Tube here”, to which the Paul Tuckfield of You Tube identified himself. After a few quick words the Google comment was “Deals Off” which made everybody laugh. That’s been level of good interaction with people. here

Flickr DB dude (his words) Dathan Vance Pattishall said to Ken Jacobs “You work for InnoDB, right”. Ken Jacobs response was “InnoDB works for me.”. Again a lot of laughs.