My 'Hourly' MySQL Monitor Script Version 0.05

I’ve been able to steal some more time to work on my script following My ‘hourly’ MySQL monitor script Version 0.03 almost a month ago.

The purpose of this script is simple. Create an hourly ‘cron’ job that records and monitors information against the OS and MySQL Server. This is most helpful when environments simply don’t have any monitoring in place. I’ve found it very productive when running a benchmark on site to simply enable for an hour. An amount of analysis is required, but I at least have a baseline of data collection. That is the first goal.

So hourly.0.05.tar.gz is taking some shape, and has the following new features:

  • Provide configurable flag to enable/disable OS and MySQL tests
  • Added MYSQL_SID support, allowing for running MySQL tests against multiple instances on a single server
  • Added configurable mysql.conf support, again supporting multiple server instances
  • Revised file name standards, again to support multiple server instances
  • Added additional error checking for correct MySQL Configuration and operational environment
  • Corrected file pathing of dependent files

My next step now is to provide some simple analysis, I’ll be starting with Statpack Version 2 by colleague Mark Leith.