My acceptance with Oracle

There have been a number of April fools jokes today so I thought I’d add my own to the list. While this sounds unexpected it’s actually no joke.

I just accepted a position with Oracle yesterday but I can’t say any more about the details until the MySQL users conference in a few weeks.

A special thanks to Lenz, Kaj & Giuseppe that championed everything to make it all happen, I really didn’t have to do anything other then accept.

7 Responses to “My acceptance with Oracle”

  1. Congrats. That sounds like a great fit for you.

  2. Shlomi Noach says:

    I love a mystery!

  3. Eric Day says:

    Wow, if this really isn’t a joke, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. :)

  4. Sheeri says:

    Congrats! It’s *NEXT WEEK*. I feel like I’m not ready!

  5. Henrik Ingo says:

    Wow. Your back and forths in the last years certainly make for an interesting story to the grand children! My first reaction was that I will miss the person Ronald Bradford, independent consultant – otoh if the names you mention above are an indication of what you will be doing at Oracle, I’m eager to see the new Ronald Bradford, to be unveiled…

    Sheeri: I’m not ready either, but hey, we still have 4 business days, a long flight and a couple nights to procrastrinate!

  6. Barry Leung says:

    Congrats! Didn’t you start off with Oracle or at least using Oracle? Seems to have come full circle, aye?

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