Monitoring MySQL options

My recent poll What alert monitoring do you use? showed 25% of the 58 respondents to bravely state they had no MySQL monitoring. I see 1 in 3, ~33% in my consulting so this is consistent.

There is no excuse to not have some MySQL Monitoring on your production system. At the worse case, you should be logging important MySQL information for later analysis. I use my own Logging and Analyzing scripts on every client for an immediate assessment regardless of what’s available. I combine that with my modified statpack to give me immediate text based analysis, broken down by hour chunks for quick reference. These help me in troubleshooting, but they are not a complete solution.

The most popular options I see and are also reflected in the results are:

There is a good list, including some products I did not know. My goal is to get this information included in the Monitoring-MySQL information site.

I have some additional information on Cacti and MONyog, and I’ll be sharing this information in upcoming posts.

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10 Responses to “Monitoring MySQL options”

  1. Roland says:

    wrong link to Logging and Analyzing scripts

  2. Ben Dowling says:

    Munin is also an excellent open source monitoring/graphics solution, and integrates well with Nagios.

  3. pauln says:

    Don’t overlook MySQL Enterprise Monitor. It comes bundled with their Enterprise offering and it’s worth every cent:

    That said, I’ve found MONyog to be nearly as effective – and to have some unique strengths – and given its price using it if the above is too expensive is a no-brainer.

  4. Carl says:

    What about Zabbix(.com)?

  5. Matt Reid says:

    You can include Kontrollbase in your list as well. “It offers the same, and in many cases more, features than the commercial software offerings but without the hefty price tag for support or licensing.”

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  7. Nagios + well written plugins + NDO + NRPE = Monitoring/Alerting/Graphing/Metrics collection
    NagVis adds network maps
    PNP4Nagios adds graphing of the metric data
    NCSA adds redundancy with some work

  8. jlmarina says:

    Take a look to Osmius, it’s worth it.

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