If you can't beat them, join them!

Like fellow friends and MySQL’ers before me Morgan, Roland, Giuseppe, Markus and Sean, I’ve joined the MySQL juggernaut on the ride of my life, achieving two of my short/medium term professional goals in one step. Woot!

It says something to me about the company I’m very excited to work for when I knew of all these people before they joined MySQL this year (2006). I’ll also be joining other friends and MySQL people Arjen, Jon, Jay, Colin, Michael Z and I still have a list of friends that I’ve met while being part of the MySQL community.

And as Giuseppe said I’ll be working in a virtual company. Another article I like to tell others about MySQL is MySQL: Workers in 25 countries with no HQ.

I’ll leave you with the MySQL Values from the Company About MySQL AB page.

We want the MySQL server to be:

  • The best and the most used database in the world
  • Available and affordable for all
  • Easy to use
  • Continuously improved while remaining fast and safe
  • Fun to use and improve
  • Free from bugs

MySQL AB and the people of MySQL AB:

  • Subscribe to the Open Source philosophy
  • Aim to be good citizens
  • Prefer partners that share our values and mindset
  • Answer email and give support
  • Are a virtual company, networking with others


  1. says


    I am so happy for you on this accomplishment. Obviously this calls for big time celebration during the MySQL Camp. And yes, you’ll be paying for the drinks :)

    You go mate.


  2. Paul_McCullagh says

    Your joining MySQL says a lot for the company!

    Good move Ronald!

    Congratulations MySQL!