I vote for Planet MySQL moderation

How this happens or who does it is obviously a larger and more complex conversation however it is better then involving innocent animals.

How is it that trivial $#*! gets voted and has a string of comments I can not explain, however Planet MySQL should have practical MySQL related content. I would vote for the front page and RSS feed to show only moderated content, and content that did not pass the cut (and there is a lot of this) can be available on a less important page if necessary.

Rather then complaining like many open source communities, let us propose a way to improve the system we use.


  1. Gerry says

    I disagree, moderation is another face of evil since it’s subjective to the moderator. I’d rather have a Facebook like and Tweet this button. Interesting and relevant articles get shared on Facebook and / or Twitter. The number indicating how many times it has been shared is a good enough measure for the article’s popularity and relevance. Much better than random down votes that are really hard to understand.

    My own $.02

  2. says

    I’m not for moderation. I don’t think it’s necessary either – planetmysql is reasonably low volume, and I can usually detect by the title and author whether the post is interesting to me.

    What could be improved though is the way posts are aggregated.
    I know for fact that mine gets aggregated only if it explicitly contains the word MySQL. I believe that some other authors always get included, even if the text or tags do not contain such a word (I may be wrong though)

  3. says

    Roland: If your blog provides separate feeds per tag or category, we happily accept that as well (in fact, we *prefer* such feeds – it allows the author to control which postings he’d like to publish on Planet). If everything else fails, we have no other option than taking your full RSS feed and apply some (admittedly crude) filtering by doing a regex search for keywords.

  4. says

    Oh, and about moderation: I have my concerns about this as well. It can quickly be conceived as “censorship”. We’ll look into adding the “Facebook like” and “Tweet this” buttons, though.