Hacking MySQL Source improvements

Further to my earlier post Hacking MySQL Source (in a good way) in which I was having a compilation problem when re-compiling MySQL source (i.e. tt worked the first build, but failed on subsequent re-compiles, even with no changes).
I’ve been able to solve my re-compiling issue, with special thanks to Jan Kenschke of MySQL AB, who was near during the MySQL Quiz Show.

As suspected, there is no need to re-run the ./BUILD/compile-pentium-debug command as this cleans, a simple make command is sufficient (I needed to confirm no other command args where needed). By doing this, it also better highlighted the actual error, where previously is wasn’t. I didn’t keep a copy of the error, but in effect I needed to do the following in order to successfully recompile.

su - mysqldev
cd mysql-5.1.10-beta-nightly-20060413
touch mysql-test/std_data/client-key.pem
touch mysql-test/std_data/client-cert.pem
touch mysql-test/std_data/cacert.pem
touch mysql-test/std_data/server-cert.pem
touch mysql-test/std_data/server-key.pem
# Success

I can’t answer why I had to do this manually (create these cert permissions), and why some level of make doesn’t (or does but I don’t know the command), but it works, and right now that’s important. Hopefully a MySQL guru can enlightment me.

From here, I was able to test as I’d written previously. I just need to confirm my changes work before reporting back, as well as providing some guidelines for debugging with gdb.