Google update – another 2 mins later

I’m outside enjoying a very lovely Danish and Orange juice with Jay and Leslie, and like 3 motorised scooters and a guy on a skateboard goes past. Did I mention how cool this place is!

Back in the foyer and Sheeri is sitting in the leather massage chair, as more people start streaming in. She has her laptop there and is IM’ing her boyfriend.

“So I’m in a massage chair at Google head quarters”. And his response is , “like right now”. Well here will be the photo and video when we find somebody with a card reader for my camera.

Jay’s looking a little worried, registrations are now over 200, 202, yesterday is was 150, and like 3 days ago, still in the 70s & 80s. People must have found out a free event at MySQL. We are going to kick people out that don’t contribute. It is a unconference.

So now that I write this, registrations are at 206.