Drizzle now available on Mosso

Mosso the Rackspace Cloud now has a Drizzle developer image much like the first Drizzle AMI on EC2.

The Mosso interface is definitely different, it’s a GUI, and I definitely prefer CLI, but it’s a simpler navigation for a new user. I suspect an API may be available.

I had an issue with the backup process, more the lack of feedback. The Knowledge Base didn’t help, so both calling and Live Chat directed me ultimately to the same person. I also found a bug in the backup process, that is being able to select an incomplete backup to try and launch a new server. I talked to Support about and apparently already known.

And in true open source form, the Drizzle version is actually one point higher then yesterday’s AWS image.

I don’t know how to *publish* this backup so others can try it. Something on the list of things to do, however I was able to verify my backup with a new instance.

$ drizzle
Welcome to the Drizzle client..  Commands end with ; or g.
Your Drizzle connection id is 2
Server version: 2009.04.998 Source distribution

Type 'help;' or 'h' for help. Type 'c' to clear the buffer.

drizzle> select version();
| version()   |
| 2009.04.998 |
1 row in set (0 sec)

drizzle> select count(*) from sakila.film;
| count(*) |
|     1000 |
1 row in set (0.18 sec)


  1. Bret Piatt says

    Thank you for your efforts on this. I’d love to talk with you about your experience in more detail to see how I can help.

    Regarding API to launch a new Cloud Server: It is in development coming in the next month.

    On the backups, they currently can’t be published to share with others. That is also a high priority item on our roadmap you’ll see after the API release.

    Bret Piatt
    Rackspace Hosting