Digital Tech Trek Digest [#Issue 2024.11]

In his Newsletter Solopreneur Ian Nuttal writes, “I sold my startup (again).”

In 4 months URL Monitor scaled far beyond what I expected:

550+ customers
2 million indexed pages
17 million pages monitored
$100k+ ARR

You can follow Ian on Twitter/X. (Will the word every drop the word Twitter, I would say no).

New AWS Console functionality

If you have ever tried to keep up with AWS News and Product Announcements even for a subset of products, let me know how. While I try to keep monitoring, sometimes you accidentally see a new feature. I am not a fan of using GUI interfaces. I’m all about the CLI and APIs. However, one must always spin up the AWS Console to look at what new blurb is being presented in the 10+ database products to

AWS has started offering more in-depth recommendations, but you need to Install or update to the latest version of the AWS CLI to 2.15+ to see them programmatically.

What is the doc format to use

I have moved to use MarkDown (.md) for all of my repo documentation, but there are different Markdown variants (city). I was struck by the above AWS documentation using `.rst,` known as reStructuredText, for its documentation.

MicroConf Remote 8.0: Early Stage SaaS Sales!

I recently this event as I am an entrepreneur looking at how to price

Founder-Led Sales Best Practices: Getting the 80/20 out of your sales efforts but Craig Hewitt

Selling with words: what early-stage startup founders tend to get wrong by Sam Howard. Several attendees, including myself, installed Hotjar following this presentation.

How to Build Scalable Founder-led Sales by Rachel Liaw
How to Build Your First Sales Process as a Technical Founder by Daniel Herbert.

I also got to speak to several founders 1:1, everything from I have an idea, to executing successful startups, including Sponsy (impressive logos) and PlaybookWriter.

About “Digital Tech Trek Digest”

Most days, I take some time early in the morning to scan my inbox newsletters, the news, LinkedIn, or other sources to read something new about professional and personal topics of interest. I turn what I read into actionable notes in a short, committed time window, summarizing what I learned, what I should learn and use, or what is of random interest. And thus my Digital Tech Trek.

Some of my regular sources include TLDR, Forbes Daily, ThoughWorks Podcasts, Daily Dose of Data Science and BoringCashCow. Also Scientific American Technology, Fareed’s Global Briefing, Software Design: Tidy First? by Kent Beck, Last Week in AWS, Micro Newsletter to name a few.

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