Day 2 – Memorable Quotes

Continuing on from my Day 1 – Memorable Quotes from the MySQL Camp.

“Are there any big replication users” — Jeremy “Are you calling me fat again” — Sheeri

“Only some of us have problems with interruptions.” — Jeremy to Jay

“It really really sucks in production systems.” — Jeremy About Slave management by Master.

“So there are like 12 people here, it must be the CEO’s turn to talk.” — Marten Mickos MySQL CEO

“Kegs and Eggs” — Joel S. Regarding all beer that will still be available at breakfast tomorrow.

“You can fight to the death for it”, Jeremy to his two employees Joel and Justin about who gets to be called employee #1.

“Patches go to employee #1″ — Ronald directed to Joel when a replication patch was coined by Jeremy and Eric.

“It’s a little like Google, there are no numbers”. In response to getting any dates/times on a commitment to functionality by MySQL.

“There is a way, but you don’t want to do it.” — Monty on a topic in using Replication Slave for Master Backups

“The Blackhole storage engine is really really scary. It’s not just the name, it’s a hack.” — Jeremy

“It will suck you in.” — More on the Blackhole Storage Engine.

“It still scares me.” — Jeremy are a long discussion by Brian on the Blackhole architecture concluding with the transactional state.

“I’m not sure I’d buy that.” — Brian continuing on more comments about the blackhole discussion.

“Let’s not optimize things that won’t happen in the grand scheme of things” — Jeremy

“You asked what I wanted to see, not what was practical” — Sheeri

“Wasting network bandwidth is great” — Jeremy

“People do lots of weird things to do performance”.

“All you need is beer and love”.

“Oh” — Sheeri. Long pause. “Light bulb pops up” — Jeremy

“Are we eating Oracle’s lunch? No we are eating Oracle’s dessert” — Marten Mikos MySQL CEO