Day 1 – Memorable Quotes

Plenty of people are writing highly technical stuff from MySQL Camp including your’s truly. However there needs to be a lighter side here, and well this is it, Memorable Quotes.

“That’s moderately easy to difficult.” Brian Aker talking about table_funcs in A MySQL Core Kernel

“That’s Trivial, it’s less then a day’s work”, Monty, also in “A MySQL Core Kernel”, of course Monty said “It’s Trivial” several times, and that’s fine, it probably is trivial and is a day’s work for the guru’s, the problem is there are presently 6,000 trivial day’s work on the list of things to do.

“I’m trying to estimate when my finger will fall off.” — Jay Pipes You had to be there. I will say no more.

“You work for InnoDB, right” — Dathan Vance Pattishall of Flickr “InnoDB works for me.” — Ken Jacobs of Oracle

“Absolutely” Steve Gunn of Google in “The MySQL at The Google” talk. And the question from the floor that prompted this response “Do schema changes ever affect the production systems”.

“Everything at Google grows at the rate Google grows. If you want a proper answer we have to file that with the SEC”. Steve Gunn of Google again in “The MySQL at The Google”.

“We like to use boxes that crash.” — Mark Callaghan of Google.

“I want to make it, but we have already met before.” — Paul Tuckfield while Jeremy bashing. Side Note, apparently I’ve been saying “bagging Jeremy” which is Aussie Slang, but here in the US it has other meanings!

“I’d love my business card to say Hacker Herder”. The very cool Leslie, our Google Liason person.

“Actually they are just extras, they have all been hired for the day.” — Sheeri. In reference to all the Google Employees wearing Google shirts.

“And we’ll give you a tee-shirt” — An Google employee about Job Opportunities.

“I’m going have to kill Jeremy. This wireless stinks, I’d rather have dialup” — Sheeri about our hotel connectivity, hotel being recommended by Jeremy.

“I’m the former founder of Live Journal.” — Brad Fitzpatrick. “How can you be a former founder” — Jeremy Cole.

There were of course so many more, I just didn’t write them down. But tomorrow I will be prepared.