Continued confusion in MySQL/Sun release policy

In review of some list posts today, I came across the Falcon Preview 6.0.5 downloads available from the MySQL Forge (even that is unclear, but the directory indicates this on the forge). The Forge Wiki Documentation indicates the 6.0.5 release features (without a download link), however the official MySQL downloads for 6.0, and the directory structure for all MySQL releases only describes 6.0.4.

Nothing in the MySQL News and Events of this new release. The documentation for 6.0.5 is also unclear as it lists this version as Not Yet Released.

This comes on the heels of “Pending General Availability/near-final release candidate” (See here and here), and the Press Releases for Sun Celebrates Third-Party MySQL Storage Engines only to be negated by Sun Microsystems Announces MySQL 5.1 which broke the plugins as they were not compatible.

I don’t wish to create confusion, but it’s unclear what is happening here, not withstanding the new preview only has 5 builds and excludes Mac OS/X which means I can’t natively test.