Best Practices in Migrating to MySQL

This week I was the invited speaker to give a 4 hr presentation to the Federal Government Sector in Washington DC on “Best Practices in Migrating to MySQL“. This was a followup to my day long “MySQL for the Oracle DBA Bootcamp” which I presented in Washington DC last year. It was good to see a number of attendees from my first DC presentation.

There was good attendance across various government departments and companies providing services to the government sector, as well a variety of job descriptions.

Thanks to Carahsoft and Sun/MySQL for organizing and sponsoring the event. Thanks also to Phil Hildebrand who provided fantastic support during my preparation answering all my SQL Server questions.

Thanks also to Baron Schwartz creator of Maatkit who as my invited guest was nice enough to table a list of attendee questions, which is always a good reference for revising slides and writing more blog posts.

You can find the first of seven sessions online in my presentations section.

Thanks to Baron Schwartz for his follow-up blog posts Migrating US Government applications from Oracle to MySQL and 50 things to know before migrating Oracle to MySQL.