An East Coast option

Within the present MySQL ecosystem, there are limited options for dedicated MySQL Consulting in the US. Outside of the official Sun/MySQL Consulting, Percona and Proven Scaling both based in Silicon valley are the only options generally known and accepted by the MySQL Community.

There is now an east coast option based in New York, and that is Ronald Bradford. Providing expert MySQL Consulting in Architecture, Performance, Scalability, Migration and Knowledge Transfer.

With two decades working in the IT industry, Ronald is well qualified in MySQL having previously provided consulting services for MySQL Inc combining 9 years experience with the product. His consulting experience is not limited to MySQL, having also worked extensively with Oracle, and previously with Ingres. More details of this experience is available at Linked In

This week you will find him on the west coast. If your at OSCON 2008, then please track me down. You can use my Contact Form, email [me] at [this domain], ping me on Twitter, track me on irc:// (~arabxptyltd) or drop in to my OSCON session at 2:35pm Thursday.