A picture can tell a thousand words

I’m a keen advocate of MySQL. However, while I use it and promote it within my limited IT circles, I often wonder how MySQL can get better traction and exposure, especially within both the industry sectors and physical locations where I am presently.

This presents a dilemma, it’s almost like the term that has been used in Venture Capital, and in the well named book, Crossing the Chasm. I see and believe that MySQL already has good penetration within certain industry sectors, specifically Internet Based, Startup Based, or Small Based segments. However, I’m sure within other commercial sectors, MySQL has either a token exposure or little to no exposure at all, at least in the circles I mix with.

So how can MySQL the product and MySQL AB the company get both better exposure and penetration? Ultimately it’s great for the community, both in dollars driving product features, product support and from my interest, more jobs. I figure there are many different approaches, and they all target organisations, and the individuals making decisions within the organisations differently. You have the 24×7 support with MySQL Network and certified installations that can satisfy management, you have the speed, flexibility, performance and capability that can appeal to a DBA. But this I doubt is the ultimate hurdle.

How do you do the active sell in 60 seconds to a potential cold contact, or how do you as an MySQL Open Source advocate within an organisation do the active or passive sell to a CEO/CTO/CIO/IT Manager etc.

Well I have an idea, it’s called UltimateLAMP. It’s not the ideal solution, it’s not the great sell, but I figure it’s one approach that I can contribute to and promote.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon.