OpenStack Austin Summit Recap

Ronald Bradford

OpenStack New York Meetup
May 2016

What is the Summit?

A twice yearly gathering of OpenStack Aficionados

This Summit

  • Austin, Texas¬†
  • April 2016¬†
  • 14th event
  • Release of Mitaka
  • Preparation for Newton Release

Summits include

  • OpenStack Conference
    • Marketplace exhibitor hall
    • Vendor rooms/demos
  • Lunch
  • Lots of free evening events
  • Ops Summit
  • Design Summit
  • TC Meeting

Ops Summit

Held on Monday
Chance for operators to engage with developers


  • Taxonomy of Failures
  • Liberty Upgrades
    • Many clouds still run Kilo (2015.01)
  • Logging
  • Deployment Methods
  • Containers
  • Documentation - Ops Guide
  • ...

Interesting engagement

100+ people on room

80 people working on etherpad

interactive visual discussion in conjuction
with verbal discussion

Design Summit

Held Tuesday - Friday

Summit Structure

  • Cross-project meetings
  • Project specific meetings
    • Fishbowl sessions
    • Working sessions

Topics are worked out ahead of time by teams in IRC/Etherpad
(i.e. very transparent)

What happens

  • Scope of work proposed via blueprints and specs for Newton cycle
  • Priorities set by milestones N1, N2, N3
  • Very developer centric design philosophy
  • Very vendor neutral
  • 100s of sessions

Interesting Session

  • Backwards compatibility testing
  • Ensure Oslo libraries are consistent for projects
  • Non Oslo libraries have different release cadence

In layman's terms, an Oslo API change made in Mitaka (the last release) must remain fully backward compatible throughout the entire Newton release (the current release).

Recaps and Priorities

See Mailing List

<[email protected]>

Hot Topic from Summit?

Support of Go

Swift hummingbird

Interesting Talk

  • by IBM Cloud Architect
  • Crashing OpenStack simulating 1000 compute nodes in docker
  • Future IBM Cloud goal to run from master

Summit Videos

Great place to watch talks you did not see

Has videos of prior conferences

Upcoming Events

OpenStack East Days
August 23-24, 2016
New York City

OpenStack Barcelona
October 25-28, 2016

Project midcycles
Dates and locations vary

Seeking production operators

Reference Architectures for
MySQL High Availability in OpenStack

Please introduce yourself after talks

Ronald Bradford

Core Contributor to Oslo project
Oslo is the common libraries used by all projects

OpenStack Upstream Engineering - HPE

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