MySQL for the Oracle DBA Resources

The following presentations are an example of the specialist skills available for Oracle DBA and Developer resources in the understanding and usage of MySQL. See below for copies of these presentations.

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MySQL Camp for the Oracle DBA


A hands on tutorial for the Oracle DBA where we install, configure, monitor, backup, break and recover a MySQL environment. No prior knowledge of MySQL is required.

We discuss:

  1. Getting MySQL
  2. Installation
  3. Basic Monitoring
  4. Configuration
  5. Replication
  6. Operational Monitoring
  7. Backup
  8. Recovery
  9. Breaking MySQL
  10. Production installation


IGNITION is the preparation necessary for a successful launch of a MySQL ecosystem for an Oracle DBA. This volume covers the preparation needed to be ready for ongoing production administration of MySQL.

We discuss:

  1. Translation – Understanding the MySQL terminology
  2. Installation – Knowing the options for MySQL distributions
  3. Protection Detail – Security of MySQL information
  4. The Dashboard – Understanding what to monitor in MySQL
  5. Mechanics – Understanding more of MySQL Internals including storage engines
  6. Redundancy – Maintaining multiple copies via MySQL replication
  7. Checklists – Double checking and cross referencing your ecosystem

IGNITION will be presented at the 2010 MySQL Users Conference.


Only after a successful preparation covered in IGNITION can you be ready for the implementation and management of a MySQL ecosystem and a successful launch of your product.

We Discuss:

  1. Escape Options – Before and after backup and recovery situations
  2. Good to Go – Knowing and confirming your MySQL environment is ready
  3. Full Throttle – Understanding and Improving MySQL database performance
  4. A Green Dashboard – Monitoring for Success
  5. The Human Factor – Nobody is perfect, dealing with the design changes
  6. Propellant – The murky mess of MySQL versions, patches and variants
  7. Best Practices – Proven techniques for consistency, automation and reproducibility

LIFTOFF will be presented at the 2010 MySQL Users Conference.


Want to get up to speed with MySQL and the various MySQL specific RDBMS features or lack of, and interesting quirks? What to know the top mistakes Oracle DBA's make when using a MySQL database? VELOCITY is the list of the most essential items needed. We can't list them here because this is your competitive advantage over your other DBA's, but rest assured you don't want to miss what we have to say. As a sneak peak one of philosophies is "Don't Assume". What you assume to work because it does in Oracle, does not mean it will work in MySQL, or it may work in some situations but not others until it's too late.