What's new in MySQL 5.4.1

Absolutely nothing?

5.4.0 was released with a change in the MySQL Binary distributions, delivering only 1 64bit Linux platform and two Sun Solaris platforms. This was officially announced on April 21 2009 however the 5.4.0 Release Notes state 05 April 2009. So it’s not a big deal, but consistency would be nice.

I’ve seen in a few posts 5.4.1, so I decided to try it out. Spending the time to read what’s changed in 2 months with the 5.4.1 Release Notes before I go downloading and installing, you read.

This release does not differ from 5.4.0 except that binary distributions are available for all MySQL-supported platforms.

Is this going to be the new policy from Sun? Release for Solaris platforms first, then later release for other platforms?


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    No. It is not a new policy.
    The team dealing with MySQL 5.4 until the MySQL Conference was small, with limited resources. So they released binaries only for Linux and Solaris, in time for the conference. In the meantime, the decision to change the release model was finalized, and what was an experimental release is now fully supported.
    No conspiracy theory, please. Normal overworked teams is a better and more sensible explanation.


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    The 05 Apr / 21 Apr discrepancy is normal as well. The date on the release is the clone off date, to which a build and QA process follows. The average is about a week, but it can be longer. In this case Sun was just trying to have something ready with enough time for the conference.

    I found the 5.4.4 release notes more interesting:

    There’s a lot of very small incremental changes, which makes me very happy. Lets just hope they can get it ready to release in some form soon so it doesn’t become a 5.1.