MySQL Conference – For Oracle DBAs and Developers

I have just completed my presentation at the MySQL Conference 2007 on MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers.

Not mentioned in my slides, but referenced during the presentation was what I consider the most important page to document from the MySQL Manual — 5.2.1. Option and Variable Reference

You can download a PDF copy of my presentation here.

MySQL Conference – Building a Vertical Search Engine in a Day

Moving into the user sessions on the first day at MySQL Conference 2007, I attended Building a Vertical Search Engine in a Day.

Some of my notes for reference.

Web Crawling 101

  • Injection List – What is it seed URL’s you are starting from
  • Fetching the pages
  • Parsing the content – words and links
  • Updating the crawl DB
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Convergence — avoiding the honey pots
  • Index
  • Map-reduce — split a large problem into little pieces, process in parallel, then combine results

Focused content == vertical crawl

  • 20 Billion Pages out there, a lot of junk
  • Bread-first would take years and cost millions of lives

OPIC + Term Vectors = Depth-first

  • OPIC is “On-line Page Importance Calculation”. Fixing OPIC Scoring Paper
  • Pure OPIC means “Fetch well-linked pages first”
  • We modify it to “fetch pages about MySQL first”

Nutch & Hadoop are the technologies that run on a 4 server cluster. Sample starting with in 23 loops, 150k pages fetched, 2M URL’s found .

Serving up the results

MySQL Conference – RedHat Keynote – One Laptop Per Child

Our third keynote at MySQL Conference 2007 was titled Building the Ultimate Database Container with RHEL, MySQL, and Virtualization by Michael Evans.

The presentation was on Red Hat & One Laptop Per Child. His initial Quote was “Thinking Past Platforms: The Next Challenge for Linux”, By Doc Sears, 2007-04-16


  • A Non profit idea from Nicholas Negroponte.
  • Aim is to build & distribute inexpensive laptop systems to primary & secondary school students worldwide.
  • Sell to young children in developing countries.

In summary at presentation to Red Hat — “Non-profit, run by a professor, we make hardware and sell to governments.”

The overall dynamics have attracted a lot of interesting people in the world.

The ability and goal is to make the device together, bringing all H/W and S/W people together.

The people that get behind this project have the ethos — “I’m willing to jump into this to change the world.”

This is the first time for a new opportunity in the last 10 years.

The sugar user interface is a completely new experience.

When the UI designer was presenting to a room of head executives. “What ever advice you got, keep it to yourself, your not the target market.”

One key point — No backward compatibility needs.

More information at Wikipedia Reference. Some videos at You Tube Inside One Laptop per Child: Episode one and Slightly better demo of the OLPC User Interface.

MySQL Conference – The next keynote with Guy Kawasaki

Without missing a beat at MySQL Conference 2007, we moved from Marten’s keynote to The Art of Innovation by Guy Kawasaki.

Extremely fun and entertaining. His 10 points.

1. Make Meaning

  • “To change the world”
  • To a VC, do not say “you want to make money”, that is understood. You will attract the wrong team.

2. Make Mantra

  • Not a Mission statement (50-60 words long), but 2 or 3 words.
    • Wendy’s – “Healthy fast food”
    • Mike – “Authentic Athletic Performance”
    • FedEx – “Peace of Mind”
    • eBay – “Democratize commerce”
  • Create a mantra — Why do you exist?

If you get stuck try the Dilbert mission statement generator.

3. Jump to the next curve

  • Not 50% or 100% better, but “Do things 10x better”

4. Roll the DICEE

  • “Create great stuff”
    • Deep: Fanning (Reef) Sandal that open beer bottles
    • Intelligent: BF-104 Flashlight (Panasonic) (takes 3 sizes of batteries)
    • Complete: Lexus
    • Elegant: Nano (Apple)
    • Emotive: Harley Davidson (They generate strong emotions)

5. Don’t worry, be crappy

Get it out there.

6. Polarize people

People love it or hate it.

7. Let a hundred flowers blossom

  • People that are not your target market are using it.
  • Take the money, ask the people why you are buying, ask what you can do better.

8. Churn baby, churn.

Ok to ship stuff with crappy stuff in it, but important to continually revised and improve.

9. Niche thyself
With a nice graph.

  • Vertical — Ability to provide unique product or service
  • Horizontal –Value to customer
  • bottom right — Price
  • top left — Stupid
  • bottom left — Dotcom
  • top right — X You need to be High and to the right.
  • Fandango — It’s either Fandango, or Clubbin.
  • Breitling Emergency – watch
  • Smart car – park perpendicular
  • LG Kimchi refrigerator

You need to be like the President of the United States – You need to high and to the right. Got a great laugh from the crowd.

10. Follow the 10/20/30 rule

Innovative, you need to pitch for what you want.

  • The optimum number of slides in 10 slides.
  • Given the slides in 20 minutes.
  • Use 30 point font

11. Don’t let the bozos grind you down

A bonus to our friends in the community.

  • “I think there is world market for five computers”
  • “This telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” –Western Union 1876
  • “There is no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home.” — Digital Equipment Corp 1977
  • “It’s too far to drive, and I don’t see how it can be a business.” – Guy Kawasaki – Bozo (The company was Yahoo)

Guy commenting on his lost opportunity with Yahoo — “It only covers the first billion, it’s the second billion that pisses me off.”

Read more about Guy at his website Guy Kawasaki.

The Art of Innovation. If you a copy of slides, send an email to

MySQL Conference – Opening Keynote with Marton Mickos

It’s an early start this morning at 8:20am at MySQL Conference 2007 with CEO Mårten Mickos keynote talk Welcome and State of MySQL AB.

Here are some of the key points that impressed on me.

“The Participatory & Disruptive spirit of the Dolphin.”.

Open Source disrupts inefficient models and produces new wealth.

Architecture of Participation.

  • GPL and FOSS licenses
  • Google

MySQL Architecture of Participation
You have the forge, the planet, community contributer program and many more.

Production of Amateurs

  • You Tube
  • Second Life
  • Wikipedia

Some really great Quotes:

“Fail often to succeed soon.” IDEO company slogan

“Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs, but the Titanic by professionals.”

Innovation Happens Here

MySQL Monitoring & Advisory Service

In his presentation of MySQL Network Enterprise Dashboard, If you were quick you would have noticed the MySQL Version 6.0.0-alpha-pb518.log

Leading Applications

  • Open Source ISVs
  • Web
  • Web 2.0
  • On-Demand
  • Hosting
  • Telco & VOIP
  • Security
  • Enterptise 2.0
  • Hub & Spoke

We want to be known as The Online Database.

Drawn to the Lamp

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Sun
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Unisys

They all have an Open Source strategy, the develop open source products, they use and partner with MySQL.

He also mentioned MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance – MECA.

Global Distributed Organization

  • 70% work from home
  • 100 major locations in nearly 30 different countries.
  • There is a great focus on culture – global culture.

Disruptive Businesses

  • A smarter way to produce the goods
  • A smarter way to distribute them
  • Serve the underserved
  • Keep it simple
  • Innovate with technology to give customers more convenience
  • Make money
  • Gartner: 66% of enterprises are deploying MySQL or planning to
  • 750,000 newsletter subscribers
  • MySQL installed in over 11 million installations

Going Forward

  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Manageability
MySQL – The best online database in the world.

MySQL Conference – Rewarding the Community

At MySQL Conference 2007, CEO Mårten Mickos in his opening keynote Welcome and State of MySQL AB rewarded the community. Those that contributed to “The best database in the world”.

2007 MySQL Applications of the Year
#1 in Online Video
#1 in 3G Mobile Entertainment
#1 in Creative Software

And the Winners- YouTube, Amp’d mobile, and Adobe

2007 MySQL Partners of the Year
#1 reseller of MySQL Enterprise to govt
#1 in MySQL Enterprise integration
#1 in Open Source

And the Winners – Carasoft, HP, and RedHat

2007 Community Members of the Year
Quality Contributor
Community Code Contributor
Community Advocate

And the Winners

Martin Freibe
Paul McCullagh
Sheeri Kritzer