Asian Air Show 2006 featuring the Airbus A380

While in Singapore earlier in the Year (Yes, I’m very slack with these photos), I got up close and personal with the new Airbus A380. I wasn’t that lucky to get inside, I think that was reserved for airline flight crews, but still there are a few photos.

I’ve had some media problems with both DVD’s containing photos of my Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia trip, but you can view a few Here on my Flickr.

7 Nov 2006 Airbus recently announced it’s third major delay, and today FedEx cancelled it’s order. Read more amount the details, and airline orders at Wikipedia.

Google Earth

Google Earth and Google Maps can give you some great views of our planet. Here is a full-time blog just for Google Earth.

There’s plenty of amazing things to see, check out Top Ten Coolest Things seen with Google Earth. The list includes:

  • Capsized Cruise Ship Captured in Google Earth / Maps
  • KC-135 Caught Refueling C-5 Galaxy in Mid-Air in Google Earth!
  • Huge Scale Model of Disputed Border Region of China Found in Google Earth
  • Lancaster Bomber Caught Flying in Google Earth
  • Flying Car? Not Really
  • Nude Sunbather caught by google earth.
  • Firefox Crop Circle in Google Earth
  • Google Earth Las Vegas
  • Shipwrecks Around the Google Earth
  • See African Animals in High Resolution in Google Earth

Not to be outdone, check out the Google 3D Warehouse for images like Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are a few more cool things I’ve seen. Hole, More about the hole

Plane Spotting without leaving your desk

I’ve heard of people that go plane spotting. Watching different planes that come into airports.

I’m lazy, while checking out my home with Wikimapia look what I spotted Here. (Offline image: View)

So for all those plane spotters. What is it? My guess would be an Boeing 737, probably a 737-800.

Speaking of Plane Spotting, I’ve been meaning of putting up my photos of the recent Asian Air Show in Singapore and my up close and personal photos of the Airbus A380.

Arrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve tried to retrieve my photos from DVD and I’m getting an cp: reading `/media/photos2006/photos/2006/2006_02_23_AirShow/IMG_5939.JPG': Input/output error Error.

Well so much for those photos of Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia from earlier in the year.
That’s gotta ruin your Sunday.

PS: How did I know what plane it was. Hint: the color gives it away.

PPS: Updated Jan 12 2007. Interesting that the present live view no longer has the plane. My Offline View has it. Good to know that this little area of Brisbane has been updated on Google Maps.

The price for digg success

I guess much like the Slashdot effect, the Digg effect is both a good thing for your exposure and traffic hits, and a bad thing for those ISP’s watching the traffic. (See Jay’s Slashdot Fame).

In the past week, I’ve gone to a number of digg article sites and they have been unavailable. I never kept details of these IT articles, but here is one the one article not of an IT I look at that I did. It referred to an image, which the host provider adjusted (see image to the right). The host provider was ImageShack. I didn’t read anything in the T & C about being too popular!

Here’s the original Digg Post Gmail ads get a little too personal.

Seems I’m not the only person wanting to see it, I found in the comments a repost of the image Here. Just for future reference my copy is Here